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4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Optimising Your Web Site Today

Every day you delay in starting SEO makes success more difficult, and more expensive, to achieve. Think of SEO as a gold rush. To get your hands on that bright, gleaming gold you need to perform well in the search engine results. Start early, and you’ll improve your chances of “striking it rich.”
Here are four compelling reasons to get your SEO efforts in to gear:
Reason #1. To succeed in SEO, you must create unique, quality content. An example is the site superbwebdesign.co.nz. As more companies realise this, the bar for content is raised (and so is the cost of creating it). The sooner you start developing outstanding content, the easier your SEO efforts will be.
Reason #2. Increasingly, SEO success is influenced by your social media presence. Your site needs mentions and links from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as from specialist sites in your market to help gain traction in Google, but it takes time, money and effort to create the networks you need. As more companies discover this truth, the amount of work needed to compete will increase. So the sooner you start promoting and networking on social sites, the easier it will be.
Reason #3. If your site is to rank well, you need quality links. Good links are expensive to acquire, whether you risk buying them or earn them by creating great content. For instance, a link from a national newspaper might cost £10,000! Every day you wait, your competitors are investing in building quality links. So the sooner you start building your link profile, the easier and cheaper it will be to compete.
Reason #4. The strong get stronger. Once you reach the pinnacle of search engine listings, you gain momentum that generates more positive results. For example, journalists looking for a story are more likely to approach companies that appear on Page 1 of Google. And their stories are likely to include free links.

But I don't have the time to do SEO or to write content for blogs or to post on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook!

That's where we can help you! As well as providing all the tips and tricks, do's and do not's, guidence and advice, we also provide a fully managed service. We can take the stress out of SEO and Socal Media by doing all the work for you. Of course, we will always keep you in the loop, as after all, it's your business, brand and reputaion at stake. We will assign a dedicated Manager to you to take care of every aspect. For more details and info on our services, please click here, or click on Our Services at the top of this page.

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